Who said 'Wigs' don't look Natural??? Many already do, but this one just needed that extra touch.

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

This recent Hairloss Solution before & after is right up there as one of my favourite transformations over the past 14 years. Mainly due to knowing how much it needed to look totally natural and also had to be practical for my client to wear.

The Wig was a stock bought Human Hair Wig, which had been in sitting on my display shelf for the past couple of years, as if it had been waiting on this client to choose it. (See Below Image)

My client who suffers with Trichotillomania, has been a regular for nearly 3 years, and had always worn one of the 3/4 Human Hair Pieces I offer, but was finding it more and more difficult to conceal the area's of her condition. She also needed something that was comfortable enough to sleep in a few nights a week, and the thought of a 'Wig' just gave her further anxiety.

We had a lengthy discussion going through all her options, when the 'Wig' on the shelf caught my eye. Knowing her thoughts on a Wig, I realised it would be a challenge convincing her it was definitely the best option, but she agreed to try it on in the way I suggested. As she had been wearing a 3/4 Hairpiece already I applied the Wig in the way she would have worn it, a little back from her fringe, which allowed her to sweep her fringe back in her usual manner. The colour was very bright and brassy, but I assured her with a little 'know how', I could get it looking exactly like her own, and add snap-lock clips around the inside of the Wig to hold it in place.

Although a little unsure, she knows how much of a perfectionist I am, so she agreed to leave it in my hands and return once I had it customised.

The colouring process was certainly a challenge, as I knew it had to be exact due to the way she would be wearing it, the roots had to match with her own, so I said a little prayer, listened to my gut and spent an afternoon custom colouring with a smudge root and cooler tones.

Once the Wig was washed and blowdried, I was so happy with the result, but still had another couple of days to sweat it out until my client returned to try it on to see if it had turned out the perfect tones it needed to be.

Two days later, when my client returned, we were both feeling nervous and excited to see if the Wig was right. Lining up her natural parting with the Wig parting we both smiled at each other as we could see how well they blended together. Once the rest was fitted, we literally couldn't tell her natural hair from the Wig. The difference it made to her confidence was instant, she smiled wider, her eyes were brighter, and she talked excitedly about all the upcoming events she was going to attend.

This is exactly why I'm so grateful and love being able to help women in this way. I know life isn't all about how we look but the difference this has made to my client's life and how she feels about herself has went from zero to one hundred. In her own words "Absolutely loving my new hair!! Feeling great!!".

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