WARNING!!! Thinking of an #Intralace Mesh #Hair System or #Volumiser? Read before deciding!

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

This was the result of 5 years an #intralace #meshhairsystem which has many other names including #volumiser or #permanenthairsystem.

My lovely client who shall remain nameless due to respectfully concealing her identity came to see me not long after she had read my previous blog regarding these #hairlosssystems. It was an emotional consultation as she had come hoping I would be able to advise on a TopPiece which would be clipped unto her natural hair. Unfortunately when she revealed the extent of her hairloss my heart sank as I knew the only possible safe option for her remaining hair would be a full Wig, which I always consider as the last resort. The disppointment on her face crushed me, and we had a very long, heartfelt and tearful discussion regarding her experience with the #intralace #mesh #hair #system.

I could write her full story in this blog, but instead she has agreed to do a video interview, a #vlog with me as we both feel listening to her touching story may help so many other vulnerable women break free from the vicious circle of wearing one, and prevent many from getting one in the first place. The #vlog will also not reveal her identity, it will be sensitively recorded from behind my cient.

The hours after meeting with her, I was filled with such anger that anyone could do this to her over a five year period, and would still continue applying it only for her courage in seeking another alternative. At what point would they have told her this is damaging your hair?

With this frustration running through me I spent the rest of the day contacting #Trichologists including the UK Federation of Trichologists, #Mynewhair by #TrevorSorbie, local newspapers, local magazines, and local journalists in the vain hope they could help me spread the warning regarding these systems, raise awareness and educate vulnerable women suffering with #hairloss.

The majority got back to me, agreeing these systems are very poorly executed, stating educating stylists and the general public is the best way forward and commended me on trying to highlight the dangers.

H hopefully my blogs, vlogs and posts online have a snowball effect, reaching women throughout Ireland and preventing anyone else from the unnecessary suffering which this client has dealt with.

My client and I would be very grateful if you could comment and share this post, and please check back to watch her #Vlog. If you have any questions or input you'd like to express, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

DON'T FORGET to check back and wacth her Vlog, you'll be very glad you did,.

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