Top 5 Hair Extension FAQ's

Over the course of the past 12 years applying Hair Extensions, I've been asked numerous questions, several of which consistently arise.

1. The number one question is 'Will they damage my hair?'. And my honest answer to this is it's a 2 way effort to make sure they don't!

My part is to advise you on whether your natural hair is in good condition and strong enough for extensions before applying them and if so which system and length is best suited for your natural hair. It is also my responsibility to apply them correctly, ensuring I expertly balance the weight of the hair extensions with your natural hair. Fully informing you how to maintain and care for your extensions at home plus being available for any problems or concerns you may have is another vital part I'm committed to.

Your part in preventing damage is to listen to my professional advice and follow all the maintenance and aftercare advice I provide.

Working together in this manner ensures the health of your natural hair is never compromised and you will have a positive hair extension experience.

2. 'How much do they cost?' Due to each client's individual requirements and offering different systems, origins, lengths and colours, a thorough consultation is required to provide an accurate price. I also don't follow the recent trend in half head/full head options as I believe balancing the weight of the extensions throughout the head is safer for the natural hair and results in a more natural looking head of extensions. So prices generally range from £240 - £420 depending on what is required.

3. 'How long do they last?' As I only use the highest grade of Remi Human Hair they generally last a minimum of 9 months depending how well they are cared for at home. This also includes attending regular maintenance appointments to remove the build up of your natural shedding and help maintain the health of the natural hair and extensions. Maintenance is charged at £60

and takes between 1-3 hrs to complete depending on which system you are wearing.

4. 'How do I look after them at home?'. As I said previously aftercare is a vital part in keeping the extensions looking great and your natural hair healthy. As there is too much to include in this blog if you would like further information I have a full aftercare sheet available for all my clients which I can email to you. Please fill in the enquiry form on my contact page and I will get one sent to you asap :) x

5. 'Do I need to purchase any special shampoo's etc?' . Yes there are a few items and products I would advise you to invest in, firstly a sulphate free shampoo if you've had the strand by strand method, as a regular shampoo may break down the keratin tip of the extensions which can become tacky and overtime will slip out. A soft bristle brush is also worth investing in as it allows you to brush from the root which will help to remove natural shedding. A wide tooth comb is also a good purchase for combing through your hair after washing. My favourite product for extensions is 'Equave' by Revlon, a moisturising spray which helps with detangling after washing and great for adding moisture on holiday. As heat is the enemy of extensions investing in a good heat protection product is essential if you tend to dry, curl or straighten your hair using heat.

Naturally there are numerous other questions I get asked so if your questions aren't covered in the 5 above please feel free to contact me via the enquiry form on my contact page.

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