This Girl is Gifted!

As I believe in each client having the best person for the job, I send any local hair loss clients requiring that extra precision cut to this gifted lady.

Having previously worked with Gemma for 11 yrs I can wholeheartedly say that her hairdressing skills are in a league of their own. Watching her cut a new Top Piece into exactly what a client has asked for is like watching a great master at work. Like any great hairdresser these skills have been developed over time, so with 15 years behind her in the industry her experience combined with raw talent ensures each client leaves her chair extremely happy with the result.

Personality also plays a huge role in why I refer local client's to Gemma. Her down to earth genuine manner and willingness to go the extra mile guarantee's my client's will feel immediately comfortable, have trust in her abilities, will relax and enjoy the craic.

Many hairdressers are talented in one or two specific area's of hairdressing, but Gemma is a complete all rounder. Each service she offers is as great as the next.

So if you live in the vicinity of Lurgan, or slightly further afield why not give her a call. Being this good naturally means she gets booked up quickly, so speed is of the essence!

For further information or to book an appointment with Gemma click on the link below.

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