Thinking of an 'Intra-Lace' Hair Replacement System? Please read before you make any decisio

I've been deliberating whether I should write this blog for some time, but after removing this new client's 'Intra-Lace' Hair Replacement System today (which she had applied elsewhere), I feel I need to highlight the effects it can have on the natural hair. I fully understand why many women choose to have a permanent system applied, and appreciate many are content with theirs, but I also believe many women are ill advised and unaware of the damage it may cause to their existing hair.

So this blog is an honest professional viewpoint for anyone considering having an 'Intra-Lace' Hair Replacement System applied, or currently wearing one and looking for an alternative, please read on and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I trained in the 'Intra-Lace' Hair Replacement system myself 8 years ago, and decided before I had even finished the expensive training that I wouldn't be offering it to my Hair Loss clients.

My 3 main reasons for this were;

1. ATTACHMENT METHOD. The natural hair is used to attach the system to the head by using Micro Rings, or a Cornrow and sewing technique. As the natural hair is already either weak or sparse this puts the natural hair under tremendous strain to keep the system in place. Everyday tasks, such as brushing, washing and sleeping, add further stress as the natural hair strains to keep it in place.

As the natural hair grows, the system gets looser, causing more movement and strain on the area's of attachment.

After 6-8 weeks the whole system needs to be refitted due to the hair growth, which involves tightening the Cornrow or Micro Rings, creating further strain on the natural hair. And so begins a continuous cycle. Each time being tightened onto possibly weaker and more vulnerable hair.

2. PREVENTION OF MAINTAINING THE HEALTH OF THE NATURAL HAIR AND SCALP. As the system is attached permanently, the first chance to get to wash your scalp and natural hair under the system can be anywhere between 6-12 weeks. During this time the natural hair is still growing and the scalp can become quite itchy and sore. Washing the system can cause further strain on the attachment area's and rinsing out shampoo and conditioner can be impossible, leaving residue on the scalp, causing further itchiness. Drying the natural hair completely underneath the system is also a challenge and if left damp, can cause severe matting, bacteria and/or lead to a skin infection.

3. THE FINANCIAL STRAIN. These Hair Loss Systems are by no means cheap, and the initial cost along with the cost of each refit, can add a significant burden to many women's financial situation. Once it's applied, a vicious cycle begins and can be a difficult cycle to break free from.

So what is the alternative?

I have had many client's transition from a permanent 'Intra-Lace' system to a 'Clip-On' TopPiece, and each client is completely relieved to be in full control of their situation.

-They can wear it if and when they desire.

-They are able to maintain the health of their scalp and natural hair.

-There is no undue stress or tension put on their natural hair.

-They have the option of Stock bought or a Custom Made TopPiece which will be as close a replica to their natural hair, including fit, parting, hair texture, hair colour and density.

-There are no costly maintenance appointments. Once bought, they can last several years before requiring a new one.

Thank you so much if you have read this far, and I hope it has given you an insight into what can seem like the answer to your prayers. As I said, many women do love having something attached permanently, but at least you now have an informed opinion on whether it is the right solution for you. There are numerous new places now offering the 'Intra-Lace' System in Northern Ireland and training in this system, so please do your research, ask questions, and be careful it's not just your money they're after.

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xx Jay

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