The Talented Mr Graham

Specialising in bespoke Hair Extensions and Hairloss Solution's I'm very privileged to have clients from all over Northern Ireland, and parts of the South as well.

Whilst a high proportion of these clients have found me online, many have been sent my way recommended by their hairdressers. I'm always thrilled when this happens as it's a real compliment to be recommended, especially by my peers within the hairdessing industry.

And once I find a GREAT hairdresser, I am more than happy to recommend them to my clients.

David Graham is a hairdresser whom I can't praise highly enough. 

Feeling comfortable in a salon is a huge thing for many of my clients, including myself and I can guarantee David will make you feel instantly at ease, with his genuine, down to earth personality and humour.

David's hairdressing talent speaks for itself! I'm in awe of his amazing colour transformations, colour corrections, cuts and upstyles. Working alongside the best in the industry in London and Belfast, David has now brought all his experience to Cookstown.

The numerous client's I've recommended David to, have all been delighted with the salon and their hair, and I just love they have found a hairdresser whom they instantly trust. It means alot!

So if you're looking for a talented, genuine, professional hairdresser, contact David Graham on..

Telephone - 028 8676 1339

Email -

Web -

Or just click on the link below.

David Graham Hairdressing

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