Menopausal Hair Loss

Although most people wouldn’t automatically think of hair loss as a menopausal symptom, it is widely recognized that a massive 40 percent of women experience hair thinning or hair loss to some degree during and after menopause. Hair loss during or directly after menopause is typically as result of fluctuating hormone levels. Two main hormones are involved in hair growth: estrogen and testosterone. During menopause, levels of female hormones (estrogen) reduce, resulting in the effects of male hormones (androgen) becoming more prominent in the body, which causes hair follicles to thin and eventually fall out. Estrogen helps a woman’s hair to grow quickly and remain on the head longer before being shed – that’s why pregnant women boast thicker, fuller heads of hair – it’s all that estrogen! But a menopausal woman is losing estrogen, making it more difficult for her body to grow hair the same way it used to.

Many of my clients fall into this category, and thankfully there is a very simple and safe aesthetic solution which looks 100% natural.

TopPieces add coverage to the crown, along with thickness and length throughout depending on which piece is chosen.

There is a vast range available in either Human Hair or High Fibre Hair, and also the option of Custom Made, which ensures the closest replica to your own natural hair.

My aim is always to provide each client with the most natural looking solution, which blends and enhances their natural hair.

Solutions so natural, no one will know!!

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