So this happened yesterday. To say I'm devastated is an understatement.

My young hair extensions client (who shall remain nameless) had been told by her 'eyebrow' technician that removing her extensions would be easy, all she needed was pliers and to squeeze the rings open.

Innocently enough my client decided to listen to her advice and save some money by removing them herself.

I was contacted by her mother on Thursday evening with sounds of sobbing in the background and told of the disastrous situation of my clients hair.

Her removal appointment had originally been booked for the following day, so thankfully I was able to see her but the extent of the damage she had caused was unbelievable. As much as I wanted to give off to her especially as it could have been avoided, my heart went out to her as she clearly hadn't realised the damage she was doing until it was too late.

Sadly there was nothing I could do to 'fix' her hair apart from remove the few remaining extensions. Whatever she had used had literally cut through some of the rings along with her hair, so her hair was a mess of different lengths.

The only solution I could offer her was a 3/4 synthetic Hairpiece which I happened to have in her colour. As I felt so awful for her, I gave it to her free of charge.

We agreed to put a post up about this experience as a warning to anyone else thinking of removing their own hair extensions.

Please note: Professional removal is advised to minimise damage and not to squeeze extra money out of a client!!! I'm in this business 14yrs now and this year in particular I've noticed a huge increase in clients trying to cut corners by not attending maintenance on time etc and this only leads to their natural hair being compromised.

This goes completely against why I apply extensions!

My main priority has always been the health of my clients natural hair and this experience has genuinely upset me.

So please all you beautiful ladies wearing hair extensions, nail extensions or any enhancements that require Professional assistance PLEASE DON'T CUT CORNERS , budget for your maintenance or removal, listen to the Professional advice you've been given as it's not about the money but YOUR satisfaction.

Thanks for reading and please take a minute to share.

x Jay

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