Hairline Receding? Been Diagnosed with Frontal Fibrosis Alopecia? Need a Solution?

Offering this solution for client's with this form of Alopecia is a service that is very close to my heart as due to my own experience with Alopecia, I can empathise with the emotional journey they are going through.

Having the area's exposed is a constant threat and source of anxiety, so living on an island with frequent windy days or standing under bright lights can be a reason to not leave the house. Hats and scarves become a necessity along with ingenuity with clips and hairbands.

The quantity of the remaining unaffected natural hair means there is no need for a full Wig, and a Top Piece can also not be the right solution either. So many sufferers end up feeling totally alone and lost.

When I first made my own Alopecia Hairpiece 10yrs ago, I still remember how excited I was to apply them, as it meant I could lead a normal life again, 'come out of hiding' so to speak. Now a decade on I have a growing number of client's wearing them, managing them brilliantly on their own, and living full lives again.

Some of these clients have been with me for over 5 years, and have always been willing for me to pass on their details for anyone wishing to find out the whole truth about investing in one. They have met up with each other, bonded and are now great friends and support for each other. I love that!!!

I hope this brief blog reaches someone who needs to hear it, so they know there is not only a solution to their Alopecia but also genuine support if and when they are ready for it.

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