Hair Problems? Eden Health definitely worth a visit!!

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

As many of my clients know I'm not one for pushy sales or recommending products unless I truly believe in them.

But there is one established local business were I have 100% faith in their products.

Eden Health has been long established in Banbridge and a place I have recommended to many clients over the past number of years.

Simon Shaw is the man behind the business and creator of Megamane, a Hair Nutrient Formula. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Simon in person and was instantly struck by his passion for helping others and his business ethics were a breath of fresh air. 

Like myself Simon puts his clients before a £sign, and has a wealth of knowledge which he express's so passionately you can't help but feel in safe hands.

If you have any health issues or concerns including Hairloss I would have no hesitation in recommending booking an appointment with Simon. 

You will leave feeling you were listened to, understood and know you haven't been 'sold to'.

Eden Health

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