Hair Extension's Should Not Hurt!!!!!!!

I've been applying extensions now for over 12 years and it never ceases to amaze me how many new clients' are surprised when I state ' they should feel no pain'.

Hair Extensions if applied correctly should not hurt!!! 

If they do, they have not been applied correctly. They could be too close and tight to the scalp, and/or too heavy for your natural hair and your bodies natural defense system is warning you there is something wrong!

I wish I had listened to mine over 25 years ago as it would have saved me from suffering permanent Traction Alopecia, which is the reason I am so passionate about the correct application. This is my alopecia which I have on both sides, caused by sew-in weave hair extensions which were applied extremely tight and were painful for ages.  Due to scratching the itchiness caused by the tightness my scalp got infected and sadly this was the end result.  Please don't let this happen to you.

Having recently removed yet another new client's extensions applied elsewhere, I felt the necessity to highlight the importance of choosing the right person and the appropriate system for your natural hair. At the end of the day it defeats the purpose to have hair applied for volume/length if you're going to be left with less hair at the end of it...., correct?

1. So please please do your research!!

2. Make sure you choose someone recommended, experienced and have them show you testimonials and pictures of their work.

3. Ask questions!! The right technician will be able to answer ALL your questions on their services, so go prepared. I love it when clients ask plenty of questions, as it means they care about their natural hair as much as I do.

4. Do the maths!!! If they're going to add 3+ times the weight of your natural hair,....well that's going to be too heavy for your natural hair to hold. The GOLDEN RULE is to only double the weight and length.

5. Be realistic!! If you've fine baby hair, don't opt for a Cheryl Cole head of extensions, she has thick hair to begin with, you don't! Adding too much will only lead to problems. The same goes for short hair, adding hair down to your bum just isn't going to work.

6. Make sure the system you choose is right for your hair type. Sew-in's are mainly for thick coarse hair or Afro textured hair. Unfortunately they are also rarely applied correctly in Northern Ireland, heavy wefts sewn unto 2 or 3 tight cornrows can be a painful and a regrettable experience.

7. Lastly make sure you are given the appropriate aftercare. Looking after your new hair at home is vital to the health of your natural hair and if you've any problems contact the technician immediately. They should be only to glad to help you with any issue you have.

So in brief, remember 'All hair extensions are not the same and neither are the technicians'. But if you make sure you have a thorough consultation, choose the right technician and system for you, and follow all the relevant aftercare you will end up with a beautiful head of extensions, that won't compromise the health of your natural hair.

If you've any questions or concerns regarding extensions, I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch xx  

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